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July 30th, 2011

11:25 pm: Facebooking
I can be found here:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002704685139
Or search for Terry Buyers.
Seamless sync and a native app for the BlackBerry. Getting things figured out.
Notice how no matter how badly buggered IJ has been this week, the popup adverts and the like have continued to work?

July 29th, 2011

09:18 am: Its been a week...
still can't upload pictures.
Going to give the Facebook thing a try this weekend.

July 28th, 2011

11:54 pm: Blasted Live Journal
Live Journal has been broke most of the week. Still won't let me post pictures.
May end up moving to Facebook if this continues.

July 22nd, 2011

10:14 am: Update
Pretty much SSDD. Hot, ramping up the crazed cleaning frenzy at work as another inspection approaches. Not as confident about this one as usual. We used to be able to keep 4 rooms off the reservation system so we could constantly have one out of order for overhaul. Seems the hotel next door - owned by more or less the same consortium - lost its flag (failed inspections) and the property in Charleston probably still has problems (more or less out of the info loop these days) we were told to rent every room every night and produce revenue and cut costs.
So since we are generally sold out Monday through Thursday, and every weekend sales can book enough special event groups, we haven't been able to get into rooms like we used to. Draw your own conclusions.
OTOH: Kidsitting Wednesday evening so the Twins could go out to the gym and things for a while.    Karson isn't one for going to sleep. Gets fussy when he gets tired. Fooled him. Click picture for bigger.
I've been told I need to do the Facebook thing to make it easier for the kids to update me. Will probably check it out sometime this weekend, but am working Saturday. See above re: cleaning frenzy.
Cleaning hall carpets. Stains and stuff mostly caused by housekeepers not caring if trash bags leak. If they'd take the time to dump out fluids in the room sink before trashing coffee cups, etc., the job would be a lot easier. But, as in most places, a lot of people just don't care to do a good job. Most places, most people don't care to do the best job they can rather than just enough to get by. Don't know why I should be surprised at my age.

July 18th, 2011

09:41 am: Monday Quotage
Jimmy Carter:
“I enjoy a cold shower”.

Ronald Regan
"If a man tells you he takes a cold shower every morning and enjoys it, he'll lie about other things as well"

July 17th, 2011

09:38 pm: More Plumbings
It all started with a leaky drain. #1Son got to working on that and complained that there were leaks he couldn't seem to find. Old drain pipe fittings just wouldn't seal any more. Water lines had been overtightened and were seeping. Crawled up underneath the sink and found that the valves in the faucet were so worn out the were leaking past the valve stems. Time to tear the whole thing apart.
Did I mention the fittings were overtightened? To the point that one of the water lines was apparently partially cracked at a glue joint. Barely touched the fitting with a wrench and the pipe end broke off at the valve. Deluge time. Thought I'd go to the meter and turn off the main. Lo and behold the two meter boxes in the front yard are stubbed out with no meters. Head for the main shutoff. Where the heck is it? Crawl under the house and it isn't at the front where we thought the pipes come in. Went about on hands and knees around the perimeter and found a pipe heading out through the wall that didn't go to a fixture I knew about. Out from under the house, to where I thought was just an outside hose bib. Traced the pipe back, did a little digging, and the Unhandyman had buried the stupid main shutoff for the house. Cleaned up the water off the floor and off to Home Depot.
Seems like I can't get out of that place without spending at least $100 on a project. Decided to spend the extra on a quality faucet and drain set, since we're planning on going with all bronze fittings in the downstairs bathroom,    and of course had to do new drain plumbing   and fix the broken pipe and put on new water lines and valves. We're still in the process of stripping wallpaper, and will yank the funky molding and repair the walls as part of the process.  Of course the Unhandyman put the molding up over the wallpaper to cover the uneven edges instead of trimming to fit - and the molding was a shabby job on top of that. Corner gappage. Not level. Ugly.
Built an insulated box to cover the shutoff valve and called it a day.
Click on any picture for bigger.


July 13th, 2011

08:37 pm: Dishes
  Five bucks at Goodwill. Couldn't pass them up. I hate to run the dishwasher without a full load, but when you've only got four of each plate, you run out in a hurry with three people in the house. Not exactly fine china, but worth the price.
When I got to work after shopping (starting at 10am means you frequently shop before work)   I ended up parking next to the car on the left. Stripped HHR with Department of Energy markings. Apparently Chevy sold a bunch of strippers to the feds, and a bunch more of the upgraded models to various rental companies. Since I usually run a car over 100,000 miles it is good to know there will be lots of parts around should I need them in the future.

July 7th, 2011

09:31 am: Things Shaving Does
You shave over the sink and want to save water so you turn the faucet down to a little trickle, just enough to rinse the foam and whisker residue off the razor between strokes. Problem is, all that foam and hair doesn't get washed down the drain. It sticks to the plumbing, and can harden into something resembling concrete.     Click for bigger. Pulled this gem out of a bathroom sink at the hotel. Draino wouldn't touch it. Neither would a big pot of boiling water. Took replacing the pop-up and pulling the pipe apart to snake it out to clear up the problem.
To prevent this from happening, waste a little hot water and run a big blast down the drain when you finish shaving. Or shave in the shower.

July 5th, 2011

10:37 pm: Things...
Few years back, got a new doctor when the old one retired due to a heart attack. New doc began messing with the dose of my medication for my hypothyroid condition, cutting the dose because my free T3/T4 were more or less in the normal range. Unfortunately, that isn't all there is to diagnosing. Ended up putting on weight. Too much weight. Got back on my original dose, and lo and behold, the weight is coming off without much adjustment of the eating habits - although I'm mostly eating my own cooking these days. Went from around 225 down to 170 and still slowly dropping. The high school waistline is probably a thing of the past.
Found this little gem    at Wally World for about $35. Weight, body fat percent, bone density, hydration. Wonder what it would have cost for all that just 5 years ago. They tell you not to use it if you are wearing a pacemaker. I hear if you wear a tinfoil hat while you stand on the scale, you can receive transmissions from outer space.
The weather? Took this when I got into the car.    That's the outside temperature at 9:30am when I was headed in to work.
Went over to Twin1's place for burgers on the grill Sunday evening. New baby was generally the center of attention except when we were laughing about who he'd spit up on this time. He's not an over-the-shoulder and burp sort of guy. Couple of little burps instead of one big one or he'll grin at you and soak your shirt and the floor.      Here he is making faces with his father's mother.  And here he is     with Grandma and cousin Kaitlyn.
As always, click on the picture for a bigger version.

June 29th, 2011

10:37 pm: Dear Hotel Guest...
So for some reason you don't like the room we gave you. Just go down to the front desk and tell them you'd like another room. No hard feelings. What you don't need to do is pull a bunch of kleenex (is the plural kleenecies?) from the dispenser in the bathroom and toss them on the bed and say the room wasn't cleaned. Or if you do, note the tricky fold on the one hanging out of the box and match it before you go down to complain.
Some people...

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